College Admission Advising

Did you know that your application essays are as important as two full years of high school? That’s right. One essay has the exact same weight as every single test, homework assignment, and project you completed during half your high school career.

Skype Test Prep’s professionally-trained editors can help you polish all of your admission essays to perfection. Not only will your essays be flawless, but they’ll be strategically positioned to highlight the most interesting and compelling qualities about you.

Of course, you could always write these essays on your own, but why would you want to do that when you could have our college admission essay gurus at your side!

Targeted Test Prep

Because standardized testing is an inherent piece of the college application process, we pride ourselves in being able to offer our finely-tuned SAT, ACT, and AP preparation programs, which have already been used by hundreds of students to super-charge their scores. The best part is we teach exclusively online, which means you can meet one-on-one with a real live tutor right from your own home.

Unlike other test preparation companies that design their worksheets from scratch, we use official materials created by the organizations that actually administer the test. This guarantees that on test day, your student will be better able to navigate the test’s format, questions, and time constraints without any surprises.

Academic Tutoring

One-on-one academic tutoring is the fastest way to improve a student’s understanding of a particular subject. By customizing our lesson plans to the individual needs of the student, we guarantee you’ll see their grades, self confidence, and comprehension improve. For those looking for an even less expensive option, we offer small group tutoring via Google Hangouts, so you can split the cost with your friends.

Community Outreach

For the last several years, Skype Test Prep’s instructors have had the privilege to work with high schools and youth development programs to provide their students with excellent, low-cost test preparation and college admissions planning. If you feel like your organization could benefit from our services, please give us a call to discuss.