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Evaluate Skype Test Prep risk free. Your instructor will provide you with a free academic consultation and a lesson or two, so you can get a sense of what to expect.


Get a Dedicated Instructor

You don’t get shuffled around. With Skype Test Prep, you will work with the same instructor every time who will get to know you and how you learn best.


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Scheduling (and rescheduling) your sessions is easy. Simply visit your instructor’s online calendar and book a slot at your convenience. Need to reschedule? No problem!


Be Ready for Everything

With Skype Test Prep, you have an elite,highly-vetted instructor who can help you with everything from your ACT’s to your calculus homework, from your college admission essay to your Spanish final.


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Comprehensive Academic Planning

Getting into a top university requires strategic planning. Skype Test Prep will help you structure your time and effort so you stay on track toward acheiving your academic goals.

Targeted Test Preparation

Our instructors are some of the best in the business with average increases of over 300 points. With Skype Test Prep, you will receive targeted instruction customized to your individual needs.

On-call and

The beauty of Skype Test Prep is that we are all online, all the time, which means you can go to soccer camp in July and Maui for Christmas and never fall behind.


We get it — you’re busy. That’s why we made scheduling a session with your instructor as easy as clicking over to his calendar and choosing a timeslot.

College Admission Advising

Senior year, your instructor will help you navigate the complicated process of applying for college. He’ll ensure that your admission essays are polished to perfection and your applications make you look your best.

Experts You Can Turn To

At our core, we are educators who are passionate about helping students prepare for college and suceed in high school. We’re here to help students and parents alike with whatever you need, whenever you need us.


“With Skype Test Prep, I improved my SAT score by 312 points and got into my dream school, USC. Go Trojans!”

— Jessica Lee, class of 2015


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